Br-ease, The New Tr@veller Reporting System

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

The Web Applications UK systems team was kind enough today to give me an extended tutorial on their newest development, Tr@veller’s new reporting system.  This is less an update to the old Tr@veller reporting system as much as it’s a brand new product called Br-ease that integrates seamlessly into Tr@veller, built from the ground up, structurally unique and ready for action.  It is powerful, easy to use, enables client autonomy, and has been well received.

There are a number of benefits to the new Tr@veller  reporting system, to begin with, ease of use. Now, if you’re a programmer, don’t stick up your nose, it will make reporting not only simpler but quicker, allowing you more time for other things, without sacrificing you’re ability to get right down to the nuts and bolts. If, like me, you’re NOT a programmer, this is exactly what you have been waiting for. Br-ease is a reporting system that you can do yourself without destroying a stress ball. The new system is based on Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, making it easy to find, design and write reports; or, find people with existing report writing experience. Users of Crystal Reports will have no difficulties adapting. The unique aspect is the way these base reports are integrated into Tr@veller, and the enhancements that have been made around deliverability.

New 'file browser'-like dialog boxesThe power behind this system ensures rapid motion through changes and updates, making it so there is no more sitting around and waiting while it retrieves information. What is truly striking about Tr@veller’s new reporting system is the layout.  Everything is clearly labelled and logically ordered. No more scrolling through pages and pages of code to find information, this is mess-free, fuss-free innovation at its best.

Another huge advantage of this system is that it allows businesses much more control over their own reporting due to the simplification of its layout.  The usability is superb; clients can now create their own reports and upload them without a degree in computer science.  Every variable of this new system is so clearly and logically laid out that virtually every aspect of the system can be done without outside interference, giving clients the freedom and autonomy they deserve.Options for e-mail deliverables

Features allow clients to send booking confirmations via email, post, fax, SMS or any combination of the four, giving businesses the luxury of choice instead of being forced to have deliverables sent by post alone (the most expensive route).  One feature on the way is scheduled reporting, a way to make sure nothing is forgotten by opting to run reports every day, week, month, or however often necessary.  

Cutting edge does not begin to describe this system; it’s so new it has yet to be given a name (UPDATED: it has since been named Br-ease, Batch Reporting with Ease). Don’t let that fool you though, up and running is no exaggeration as this reporting system is fully functional, already in place and being used by clients. As with all new systems there are continuing updates to make everything as smooth, fast and efficient as possible so watch out for new capabilities!