Here Ye Here Ye, The Webbies Have Been Awarded

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes


This year’s Webbie awards produced palpable excitement around the office. Nominees waited with piqued ears and baited breath to find out whether they had won one of the illustrious awards. There were ten categories with at least four people in contention, the competition was heated and the stakes were high. Who were the victors and who retreated to their desk in utter despair (or in this case, their table as the Webbies were held at the Museum of Science and Industry)?

And so the Christmas Party cast off with the presentation of the Webbie Awards.  These are the winners in no particular order:

The Inspector Gadget Award (The person who is always up to date in technology) Gordon Pearce
The Starbucks Award (The largest consumer of coffee) Rob Illing
The Monster Munch Award (The person who always takes advantage of free food) Bob Hall
The Ricky Gervais Award (The best entertainer in the office) Steve Morgan
The Homer Simpson Award (for the most “Doh” moments) Allan Lowe
The Kit Kat Award (The person who takes a lot of breaks) Peter Bettison
The Simon Cowell Award (The person who is always right) Craig Dean
The Nike Award (The person who “just does it”) Stephen Elliott
“I love it when a plan comes together!” (The Award for the A Team as voted by the directors) Support
The pride of Web Apps (Colleague of the Year) Jeffrey Ng

I spoke to some of the winners about how they felt about receiving such honours. If the reactions were mixed it was only because some people are able to mask their excitement better than others. Jeffrey Ng spoke of his achievement, ‘It was the proudest day of my life and my mother is overjoyed. I worked very hard, stayed calm in times of crises and had many late nights in the office.  Superman said I deserved his cape more than he did, I don’t believe it though, I think he was just being modest.’  Later on in the conversation Mr. Ng told me of his future ambitions ‘win every category in a single year.’  That’s a tall order, but if anyone can it’s the man of steel-rimmed glasses.

Other members of the Winner’s Circle were more austere with their praise of the Webbies.  Mad with jealousy Steve Morgan showed his true colours (and they were red!) as he denounced ‘a system that rewards hard work and recognizes achievement,’ and later declared that the powers that be may as well ‘dock his pay’. Well Steve I’m sure that can be arranged, never fear though as we’re all sure the winner of the Ricky Gervais Award was joking, it’s what he does, right?

As a whole, colleagues were brimming with pride for their new status as ‘Award Winner’ to the point where they viewed awards as especially created for them, and brainstormed new categories for the future. We can only hope next year’s awards will continue to unearth talents and highlight strengths in new and exciting ways.