Web Applications UK introduces Direct Debit

AcuWeb is the first product from Web Applications to implement the Software As A Service pricing  model, where customers pay monthly for their use of the system.  So far the system is proving popular with a queue of customers waiting to make the move onto the new system.  To cope with the complexity of invoicing such a system, the calculations are performed automatically and reported back to users throughout the month both online, and ultimately in the Acumen 9 software.

Customers are then invoiced by email on the first of the month with the exact bill for the previous month, and the money is drawn out of their account automatically two weeks later.

With current billing being easily visible in the systems at all times, it will make it easier for customers to see exactly where they stand in terms of payments, and prevent the situation where systems are disabled for lack of payments.  Please get in touch with [email protected] for more information, and for a Direct Debit form.