Web Applications UK moves into new offices, and deploys new telephony system.

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Web Applications UK completed the move to their new, custom fit, home at Windsor Works in Oldham on 13 July 2009.  The hi-tech offices were specifically designed to improve the working environment and productivity of the engineers that make Web Applications so successful.

“Moving so many people, and so much equipment is never an easy thing”, comments Craig Dean, Chief Executive, “to achieve it over a single weekend, and with nothing going wrong is a miracle that was only achieved because of our recent migration to Office Communication Servers and VoIP.”

“Whereas telephony and internet moves are normally such a pain, we just plugged in at the new office and by Saturday lunch time all our servers and telephony were fully functional again.  It’s just another great feature of Unified Communications.”

Employees are loving their new home, “There’s lots of cool new features, and we’ve massively improved the security with access control systems and CCTV throughout, all under our control.  That’s great for our clients data, but what’s really fun is the way your PC boots up automatically when you enter the building.  That’s the kind of geeky convenience our engineers really appreciate!  That and our new projector, and write-on walls!”.

The new address is:
Web Applications UK Ltd
Windsor Works
Hall Street
United Kingdom

As well as a new address they’ve also launched the new telephone system and new access numbers.

OCS gives us the ability to really control the way you access people, even when calling in from an external line.  We have introduced some menus that allow us to route you quickly to the right person.  It’s not like calling your bank, we’re not after sending you through hundreds of menus to avoid putting you through to a real person. Instead the whole system is geared to make the most relevant and available person answer, but someone will answer!”

The old numbers work, but their are some quick access numbers as well.

+44 (0) 161 68 26 565 – The main switchboard
+44 (0) 161 68 42 126 – Customers of the Travel Division (these are customers with Tr@veller)
+44 (0) 161 68 42 127 – Customers of the Acumen Division (these include previous Kelworth customers)
+44 (0) 161 68 42 128 – Customers of the Systems Division (these include customers who don’t own the above products, and customers calling about hardware/software purchases, etc.)
+44 (0) 161 68 42 129 – Customers requiring support (though you may prefer to use one of the above numbers which also give access to support directly)

We hope this will make the experience of getting in touch far easier!