Web Applications UK launch AcuWeb private Beta

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

Web Applications UK is excited to announce the private beta of AcuWeb.  AcuWeb represents the first real-time availability and booking engine to link directly to Acumen 9, the new version of the Accoman and Accowin system that is being launched at the same time.

Craig Dean was very excited to speak about the new development, “We have genuinely sweat blood developing the back end, processes and systems that have made AcuWeb possible.  Getting the private beta online and released to our customers is a real achievement, especially considering the incredible time pressures, and genuine need of our new client base to start engaging effectively with their own customer through Web 2.0 technology.  It’s been a really tough slog with lots of long hours and lost weekends, but we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved, and it really is only the start.”

“The live demo can be accessed by existing customers when they log in to our website.  It’s not a cheat, it really is being driven across the internet by a real version of Acumen 9 sat on a completely different server, and full of dummy data.  Hopefully everyone will be impressed by the performance and speed when they hit the search button for the first time, and recognise that (thanks to the power of the XML API, and its advanced throttling and control) the performance they’re seeing is achievable from their own systems.”

Although it’s a private beta targeted for existing customers initially, Craig was keen to point out the potential of the system, “We really hope all our customers take the time to go and take a look.  We’re calling it a beta, but in truth it’s all there now, and we’ve been testing it heavily.  We really want to hear from our customers what their thoughts are, and are looking to get the first few customers online later this month; which is in keeping with the incredibly short timescales of the project.  After all, we only decided to build AcuWeb just over two months ago, and at that time we had no idea of the volume of work that would need to be done to get the three core sections ready – Acumen 9, the XML API, and the AcuWeb booking engine itself.”

Craig finished, “We’re really conscious we only have one chance to set our stall with our new customers, and AcuWeb is a real opportunity for us to demonstrate what we’re capable of, and why we are the right choice going forward.  We were conscious of that pressure throughout the build, and so we pushed ourselves really hard.  We hope our clients think it was worth it!”

If you have an account on the main website you can log in now and see the links for the demonstration.  If you are an existing customer but have not yet registered for the website, now is an ideal time to get involved and take advantage of the many community features by sending an email to, they’ll be delighted to hear from you!

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