Windsor Works takes shape

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

I like to think blogs are like London busses, you wait ages for one and then a whole host come at once.  I’m sorry about that, it’s just about prioritisation, keeping everyone informed is right up there for me, but so is doing boring Chief Exec work, like kissing babies and shaking hands (to be honest it’s really only the latter, but hey I’m not complaining!)

It’s a lovely day today here in Oldham (one of the nicer side effects of Global Warming!), and I had a site meeting this dinner time that I dragged Vivienne (Office Manager) and Rob Illing (Services Manager) along to.  As I promised in my last blog about Windsor Works, I took some more pictures of the office taking shape that I thought you might enjoy.

One of the main challenges for today was finally talking through the design of the “Media Wall” as we’ve cryptically being calling it during the design phase.  Every design has a “Media Wall”, something that you all agree is too complicated to bother about yet, but you’ll be sure to get round to it before you need to.

Well I’ve been pretty organised about the Media Wall, and have been very keen to see it done right, which is why I’ve had Allan Lowe (Network Administrator) and his boss (Rob) work on getting all the equipment specifications, and most importantly their dimensions, ready.

I don’t really want to give too much away, but the key goal was to keep all the clutter out of the meeting room, so from the outset we built a secure storage room next to the meeting room, which would allow us to put all the ‘media’ inside it, and access it through our “Media Wall”.

The said Media is of course a nice big TV, a new projector (to be able to project the six metres to the opposite wall), and of course a PC, XBox 360, PS3, etc.

All the walls in the meeting room are being covered in Write-On/Project-On wallpaper, so they double as white boards (which is very fun!), actually we’re covering every wall with it whenever we get a chance, because we never have enough white board space for scribbling on.  One of the nicest tricks of the media wall is that the speaker system will be hidden behind the wallpaper, which should be really fun when we have guests around, or are in the midst of one of our competitions on the Wii.

The other thing that you can see in the picture above is the nice curved wall and the space that is going to be filled with the double glazed glass wall.  To the right is the view showing the huge run of the single glazed wall that delineates the admin office and my office!  The admin office is to the front and you can just make out the header for the curved section of the glass wall, that’s going to look amazing when it’s finished.

Anyway, it’s scorching in our offices here today and it’s time to head off home.  We have a long weekend planned ahead, as we’re hoping to release AcuWeb on Sunday.

The best thing about the trip today was the nice cool air in our new building.  We got a moving date and we should now be in place in July, let’s hope there’s still some summer left to take advantage of!

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