Web Applications UK Announces Mercury Reservation System

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

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Web Applications unveiled it’s new marketing strategy for the Mercury Reservation System


“We had been calling our new hosted SaaS version of Tr@veller, Tr@veller Lite”, explains Craig Dean, “but it was quickly becoming apparent that it was doing the brand a real disservice as we continued to push the functionality forward.”

“It is true we’ve removed some of the less used features of the bigger sibling, but we’ve added a whole host of new goodies that really push the technology forward, and to call it ‘Lite’ just didn’t do the system any justice.”

“We launched an internal competition to find a new name and a new brand, that would send the right kind of message.  Everyone got involved, and in the end Robert Illing (Services Manager) suggested ‘Mercury’, the Roman God of trade and travel.  We loved the idea because it felt right in conjunction with the new look for the system, especially when we focussed on elemental Mercury, which is reflective and clean.  Most importantly, the name had lots of positive connotations that we could exploit going forward.”

“We needed something spherical as a logo, and were inspired by the genre defining ‘T-1000’ (ala Terminator 2 fame), with the mercurial transformation effects that launched CGI in modern cinema.  We started with the idea of the earth turning into mercury, and then quickly leaned towards the idea of Mercury taking over the world, projecting the image that the new system would revolutionise reservation systems.”

“I’ll be honest”, continues Craig, “the first few attempts looked really sinister, but I think we got to the right balance in the end.  The effect was produced by pouring metallic paint over a ball and then Photoshopping the results heavily, and we really like it.  It was a messy approach but the compositing of real images helped give the end result a much needed sense of realism.”

The advert will be appearing towards the end of the summer to coincide with the launch of the new system, but remember you saw it here first!