Tr@veller Lite Interface

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

Recently we’ve been inserting some new functionality into Tr@veller Lite.  Alongside that we’ve also been looking at giving it a distinctively different look and feel to the existing Tr@veller product. 


Part of this overhaul as included the use of JQuery.  This open source javascript library is now receiving widespread adoption from some big names, and allows us to do some really new and exciting things with the Tr@veller interface.




JQuery has some great inbuilt functionality, as well as an add-on Library, JQuery UI.  One of the features we’ve integrated is the JQuery dialog boxes. Using these have allowed us to create consistent pop-up dialog boxes throughout Tr@veller, whilst also allowing much greater control of the style of these dialogs.

In addition to the restyling we’ve also been putting a lot of work into the new Knowledge base system, this will allow rapid access to a whole Tr@veller_Lite_Tworange of informative articles on the use of Tr@veller Lite, including instructional videos. With other great features on the drawing board including a new start menu, allowing quick access to search the knowledge base and recently viewed items As well as a new Side Bar, providing additional functionality.  For now we wanted to demonstrate the new look and feel we’ve been working on. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to provide new details on the knowledge base system, as well as some more screenshots of the restyled system.