Web Applications UK Goes All Web 2.0

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

So it goes

Today saw the launch of the new web 2.0, interactive website.  The last six weeks of solid work have paid off in a feature rich site that promises to be a hot bed of interaction between Webbies and their clients.

“We had launched a new website just before last year’s user group seminar, to replace the aging, tired set of pages that had been in place for years.”, said Chief Executive Craig Dean.

“When the new site went up we were all so pleased to finally have something in place that echoed our ambitions and commitment to quality.  Unfortunately, I find it really hard to sit still, and have been working tirelessly to introduce a change culture into Web Apps, within months of the new website going live we refocused our branding, moving the UK into the main logo and moving from the pastel blue theme to the more modern high contrast black and white look.  It was obvious to me that I needed to rebrand the website too.”

“With the acquisition of Kelworth, and the influx of 200 new clients, a new challenge, and opportunity, presented itself.  Our existing communications channels were not up to the job of servicing so many people, we needed a whole new communications strategy.  Less than a week after the acquisition, appropriately on Friday the 13th of February,  I got my core team in place and announced that we would launch a new interactive website, get ourselves onto a high speed internet connection and install (the yet to be released) OCS R2 Unified Communications platform, allowing for IP based telephony and communications… and we would do it before the User Group Seminars on 30-31 March.”

“I find a crazy deadline is the best way to motivate people, and though it’s true no one has slept in two months, I’m posting a news article from Windows Live Writer, direct to that new website.  Yesterday, I made a phone call that was picked up by Robin Lester from his PC, being an early adopter of OCS R2 was no small challenge, but we are finally there, and have learnt a heck of lot in the process, which I hope we’ll be sharing on our blogs in the near future.  As for the new internet connection?  Well the only way of achieving that was to move.”

“As hard as it was to get OCS and the new website launched, buying a building has been equally challenging!  We completed the design work for the fit out specification, secured the financing, negotiated the deal, performed the searches, and are now waiting on the parting shots of the various lawyers.  On the 1 April, we will be signing the agreement to lease and beginning the fit out work.  All going well, we will be in our new custom fit building by the end of May 2009.”

“Oh, and it’s not wired for a telephone system!”