M.D. says no to big C

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.


Yesterday, Web Applications and our M.D., Craig, appeared in the Oldham Advertiser, in an article by Ed Stacey on the recent Congestion Charge vote.

“Web Applications UK offers a pretty good template for the sort of business that Oldham needs if the area’s economic regeneration is to succeed.”

Although Web Apps took no official company position on the Congestion Charge, preferring to keep politics out of the office, it was hard to find anyone who was in favour, and the board members were unanimous in their disapproval of the scheme, which they felt to be very poorly thought out and bad for businesses and the local area. Instead they stand ready to participate in any scheme that is properly planned and is for the genuine benefit of the local community, delivering real improvements to the transport infrastructure.