Webbie Winners

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Clapton is god


Last night saw the employees of Web Applications gather for their annual Christmas Party and the much anticipated Webbie Awards 2008.

Competition was really tough and there were a few surprises on the night, not least with Steve Elliott being the first man alive to walk away with two Webbies, taking his collection to three and making him in the most successful Webbian in the history of the sport. Steve Morgan was controversially pipped at the post for the Scrooge award by Peter Bettison, but he managed to secure the Early Bird Award, despite being unable to turn off the alarm.

The night was a great success, culminating with Jeff Ng (winner of this year’s Nike award) performing a rousing rendition of Michael Jacksons “Billy Jean”, complete with “Hee hee hee”, supported by Craig Dean (winner of the Mission Impossible award) on tambourine and Steve Elliott on backing vocals.

The complete list of winners is below:

The Loch Ness Award Kamal Choudhury
The Starbucks Award Bob Hall
The Bruce Forsyth Award Steve Elliott
The Mission Impossible Award Craig Dean
The Scrooge Award Peter Bettison
The Early Bird Award Steve Morgan
Cool & the gang Award Steve Elliott
The Nike Award Jeffrey Ng
The Agoraphobia Award Robin Lester
The Judith Chalmers Award Shui Ip
The Pride of Web Apps Award Lee Tudor

For the complete list of nominees see