Web Applications refocuses brand

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

I know it was you, Fredo.

As part of a concerted effort to launch Web Applications into the future we’re refocusing our brand with a number of new advertising initiatives. Probably the most important is an emphasizing of the ‘webapplicationsuk’ domain over the existing ‘webappuk’ domain. For existing clients, the most noticeable change will be in our marketing of email addresses, etc. which will be changing to using the fuller domain name over the coming month. The old domain name will be held indefinitely, and mapped to the new domain, so emails will not bounce. For new clients, it will make our websites much easier to find, and email addresses much easier to remember.

In conjunction with these changes we have launched a new advertising campaign, entitled “Lighting the road ahead”, in which we position Web Applications as a solution provider capable of driving businesses forward, even during the difficult times ahead.