Jack Simpson

Jack Simpson

Head of Marketing and Communications

Jack likes reading and writing. Interests include politics, tacos, orthography and running really fast in a straight line.

Hack Manchester – Top 10 for 2017


It’s Tuesday, and I’m still tired. Though not for the reason you’re probably thinking. I didn’t spend my weekend partying, but in fact in the company of our favourite people, the wonderful Greater Manchester tech community; at our favourite place, the Museum of Science and Industry; attending our favourite event, Hack Manchester, the 25-hour coding…

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Learning from the Masters: DojoCon 17!


Our WebbieZone, also known as Oldham CoderDojo, is a weekly drop-in for young people from all walks of life where they can get involved with programming – mentored by our excellent volunteers, all full-time software engineers. The weekend before last, myself and fellow WebbieZone mentors Dale and Gareth visited Warrington to take part in DojoCon17….

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Quizzery Business


It had been some time since an official Webbie social, which was clearly unacceptable. So far this year, we’ve shot at each other and engaged in high speed chases around a small but fiendishly winding racetrack. We judged it therefore pertinent to do something a little more relaxing this time around. One of the best…

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Award Success for Our Placement Programme


We’re extremely pleased to announce that our industrial placement programme has been awarded the prestigious Princess Royal Training Award, in recognition of our innovative and feedback-driven approach. The prestigious hallmark, awarded by the PRTA committee in association with City & Guilds group, has been awarded to only 40 organisations across the nation, including BAE Systems,…

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Webbie Cup Round-up: Part Two


Part two of our blog covering the ever-popular Webbie Cup Tournament. To read part one first, click here. Round Two: Slide into Your PMs faced up against Sporting, who they’d comfortably defeated in the earlier round. Sadly, this game would not pan out this way. It marked the beginning of a poor showing in the…

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Keeping Company: Ethos and Motivation


I keep six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who. – Rudyard Kipling If you haven’t been keeping a watchful eye on our various social media channels, it might have passed you by that our Chief Exec. Craig Dean picked…

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Webbie Cup Round-up: Part One


Note: this review ended up a lot longer than I intended it to be, so in an unforgivably cheesy move, I’ve split it into two parts. We’re determined not to conform with the programmer stereotype, and as such are a much sportier bunch than you would probably account for. There are a huge range of…

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So Far, So Good For 2017


Even by our standards, March was an exceptionally busy month in the way of industry events, with us working with HackSoc Manchester to deliver not one but two excellent events for the Manchester tech community. We can’t complain though, as we spent time among some fascinating people and made some great connections. As anyone who…

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The GDPR: What You Need to Know


With new data regulations coming into law in 2018, we thought it was worth giving an overview of the coming changes, cutting through the jargon to keep you ahead of the curve. The Data Protection Directive (DPD) was introduced in 1995, to protect EU citizens and their data at a time where the internet and…

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Craig Dean joins Hack Oldham Board


We’re pleased to announce that as of March 2017, Web Applications UK Chief Executive Craig Dean has joined Hack Oldham as Chair of the Board of Directors. Craig’s appointment is an indication of our strong relationship with the tech community, both locally in Oldham and Greater Manchester as a whole. We’ve had a great relationship…

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